Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Rodent invasion

So this is it-I've been reduced to watching the squirrels play while I drink my morning brew. They have infested the backyard since the pois are gone-hope the ass wipe behind me enjoys the rodent poo. God knows what's lurking in the ground cover in the backyard (over 1/2 the backyard is ground cover). I don't want to move the gerbil food (they reentered the food chain) so I am going to scatter it in the ground cover. I will try to do it without an evil heart, but it may be hard to pull that off.

It's not biological warfare-it's biological justice. Harass my little dogs-they will leave, but beware what replaces them.....It is dangerous to upset the balance of nature-move in to an area, wipe out all the predators and look what happens.

Yes, time to go feed the squirrels and the mice and the rats.

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Rachael said...

*insert evil laughter here*