Monday, June 25, 2007

Oi Vey Where are they?

Lessee-cat is in Dallas-she's supposed to be in OKC but went over the fence. Snakes in OKC-Zsa Zsa was injured-wrapped herself up in a bag and constricted herself-but she was doing ok when I left. Dottie and Prissy are holding down the fort at Mom and Dads-and the biguns are at the kennel in OKC. I'm in Dallas.

Dottie is sticking very close to Daddy who is still grieving the loss of Dolly. In fact she paid me little attention when I was there-his was the lap that needed her most. She is my little ambassador of love and comfort since I can't be there.

It's hard to believe that on Wednesday evening we will all be moved and together once more-it's been ages since we've all been together.

In the meantime I'm staying at Sue's and sleeping on the oh so comfie couch with Buddy (150 pounds) and Mia (70 pounds) and various cats. Pasht is holding down the fort at the old house. Buddy has decided he can't sleep all night without peeing and will place his giant head on my chest so I'll get up and let him out. Then he needs a scratch and a cuddle and he'll go back to bed. He's old. Mia doesn't move the entire night, but grumbles and groans in her sleep.

I'm working at the old house during the day, wrapping up and Pasht supervises-so she doesn't feel abandoned.

Oh how nice it will be when we are all in one spot!

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