Sunday, June 17, 2007

Oh-Greta-What fun

Greta loves the road! She's had two long road trips, walked right into the new vets' office-she's a natural. She may be the camping buddy I've dreamed of.

Cody hates the car-loves arriving. At least he doesn't throw up any more. I keep hoping Greta's enthusiasm will spill over to him. Can you believe it was only January when Greta came to us, a broken, frightened thing? Now she's a world traveler.

She's one of those dogs that's just really happy to be with you whereever that might be. Oh-we're in your parent's backyard-great, isn't this fun? I'll lie under your chair and chew a bone. OH, we're in our own backyard....Isn't this FUN? I'll lie under your chair and chew a bone...OH, we're in our own living room. Great. I'll lie under your recliner and chew a bone.

The truck? Oh yes, please. Don't care where we are going, or how long it takes, just let me in the back and I'll lie on the mat and chew a bone. I LOVE the truck.

A rest stop-what fun! New smells, a nice pee....yes, this is great. And look, there's the TRUCK!

You left me at the vet-but now you're back and you've brought the truck. What fun!
Glad to see you-I've missed you and the truck. Got a new bone?

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Rachael said...

Hahahha! Greta sounds like a fab little dog with a great disposition.

I'm sorry you are missing your pups. I hope the move goes well and you are all together again soon!