Thursday, June 21, 2007

What would Steve Irwin Do?

There is an old saying "when does a 10 foot snake go into a pillowcase?....whenever it wants to" The problem here is that Bette is just longer and stronger than I am. No packing has occured as I struggle, literally and figuratively with getting her highness into a pillowcase, trying not to upset the snake (who doesn't understand the movers are going to arrive any minute) and trying not to get bit (because I don't want to).

These are the facts-if Betty won't be coaxed, I can't force I have to make her WANT to go into the pillowcase. Chasing her around the room until she flees into the pillowcase is not an option-I won't stress her out like that.

I've put the pillowcase around her bucket (which is really a poop shoot from a porta potty-a bottomless bucket. Now I just have to convince her that crawling in is a good idea-she loves to curl up in that bucket but with me in the room she is far more interested in me than curling up for a nap.

I tried to put light in the tank-hah-she just basked under it. So, I turned the light off and am cooling down the house. (Baby snakes are outside on the patio.) Steve-o always had good luck catching reptiles when it was chilly outside.

This is one stubborn girl-now she's curled up outside the bucket. Get in the bucket Bette.

Steve was always patient-so I just shut the door to the bedroom and turned off the light so she can't see me pack. That way I can continue to work while she decides to go get in the bucket. (This insight came after an entire night of trying to coax a python into a bucket/bag.....)

I will be patient. I will not be dismayed because it is raining cats and dogs and my carboard boxes are out in the truck and my largest snake is still unsecured for travel. (She IS still secured in a tank so it could be worse.) I have body odor beyond belief-THAT never shows up in all those fancy schmanzy wildlife shows. And I absolutely will NOT fall into the mea culpa act of why on earth did I get such a big snake-I wanted her and I DO want her and I love her to bits. It's not the end of the world if I can't coax her into a pillowcase by 9 am.

SHE is going into the case so she can travel safely-Steve would never just toss her into a box and hope she stays put. Steve-if you are up there-would you mind giving Bette a little nudge towards the bucket??????

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