Friday, March 2, 2007

Rescue, Breed, what to do?

I am looking for my carting dogs and it's sad and interesting all at once.

For instance wouldn't it be great to get people to do chariot racing with pit bulls instead of fighting? Rotties pulling little old ladies to Starbucks for coffee? This whole carting thing is really capturing my imagination.

While I'm looking for draft dogs, I am working with Greta and Cody to train them to pull a miniature cart-training dogs is training dogs, and why not practice while I'm laid up? Because Greta has her bad hip I'm going to find a lightweight child's toy for her to pull-that way she can play along with us with no danger to herself.

My first experience with dog carting was 20 or more years ago when I trained a shepherd mix to pull a car with my daughter in it. I macrame the harness because I was too poor to buy a proper harness, but none of us cared....we carted proudly through the mobile home park where we lived. For some reason there is this negative "white trash" connotation to mobile homes-which I think is silly and I won't support by pretending I've never had any experience with them.

I wonder if you can get sponsors without being a 501(c)? I negotiated a good deal on my cart by telling the people I'd be at Whiterock and would pass out cards when people asked......but the cart is only part of it-I need harnesses, dogs and kennels, crates for the dogs. I'm just not OK with putting dogs unattended in the backyard while I'm at work-no matter how big the dog is.

The thing is, I've found the therapy dog groups to be kind of cliquish-not really encouraging, etc. And why would the tractor store donate crates, cages when they would be at my house and the only thing I could do would be put a sign on the cart saying sponsored by.....It's not always cheaper, but it's usually easier to go it alone.

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