Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Too good for words

I made a soupy paste out of some of my precious poi, heated it and dumped in a small can of crabmeat and small can of smoked clams....and a shot of rice wine balsamic vinegar (because if it looks like soup at ALL I think it needs a shot of vinegar).

I would like to buy the world a coke and share my lunch with all of you. I'd read on the internet that poi made a good soup base-creamy texture without the fat, but this was a little slice of heaven and I "cooked" it with no explosions or mishaps and I ate the entire bowl all by myself since there was no one here to share it with.

The dogs have deserted me for the sun again so I've opened the front door and the cat is sitting on the porch. Office Depot delivered an order and I got to show off my snakes. And, someone from my office actually said "thanks, we appreciate your efforts". AND AND Amazon.com delivered my horses for dummies book to read after I put in my allotted 8 hours at the grindstone.

Remember that scene in Like Water for Chocolate where the fellow got so happy he died? I almost feel that good-and it's only lunchtime. I usually don't even feel human until after lunchtime!

It's not any one thing-it's the the combo of poi, fun packages in the mail, getting to wear sweatpants all the time and a tie dyed T-shirt and no bra......I'm giddy I tell you.

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Rachael said...

HAHAHA! You sound like a woman after my own heart!