Monday, February 26, 2007

The POIZ are back in town....

What a huge day it's been, and it's only 2:30! I went to Albertson's to pick up Uncle John's birthday cake and get some grub. I got to ride in the electronic cart-whhhhheeeeeeeeee.

Then off to Autumn Leaves where I had lunch with Uncle John and his co-residents, we sang happy birthday and ate pieces of what turned out to be a really huge, really gawdy, red, white and blue birthday cake.

After that it was off to get the kiddos. Vet bill was a bit heart stopping, but we celebrated and are still celebrating our reunion. It's a beautiful day, the backdoor is propped open with a broom so the wee ones can come and go as they please. I need to get back to the other computer and that job thing, but I just had to share my joy with the internet.

I think cake at Autumn Leaves is going to become a regular thing. If anyone has a spare 20 bucks, go get a brightly decorated cake, make up some excuse to celebrate, and go to a nursing home or assisted living center. The feeling you get will last longer than that movie or that T-shirt you really don't need.

Greta has found her sunny spot on the floor, Cody has both his chew sticks on the dog couch. All is well with our world.

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