Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Blustery Day

Kids are out eating grass on this very blustery day. I really do think spring has sprung.

I ordered a dog cart for two-(two dogs, two people). I would like to make a team of dogs out of rescue dogs, but I also want to use those dogs to cart old people around Whiterock Lake.....An unbalanced irate chihuahua is one thing, an unbalanced out of control Borzoi is another. Well DUH, that's why bigger dogs are harder to place.

Since I can't even walk right now, I will have plenty of time to contemplate the ethics of saving dogs vs. endangering elderly people and hopefully the solution will come. Oh, there is no hope about it-the solution is always there.

For one half assed crazy moment, I thought a team of rescued Pit Bulls would be the perfect statement-butI'm just not up for that and I don't really care that much for the breed as a whole anyway. I'm going to contact the Texas Pyranese rescue and maybe a Great Dane rescue....I'm afraid a Newfie in August in Dallas would be a pitiful site.

Of course, then there is the whole mutt thing-THEY deserve rescuing too. Dammit, I want to save them all and I want to have a mile long chain of carts hauling little old people out in the spring sunshine getting some fresh air. But I guess I will just do what I can.

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Rachael said...

YAY! Save the mutts! i taught Moxie to pull a kids wagon. She used to cart my laundry over to the apartment laundry mat. She was so proud. it was her special "job" She also liked being included in the laundry doing! Made laundry day fun.