Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Soaking up the sun

The kiddos are out in their sunny patch enjoying the sun, I am listening to Hawaiian music on TV and in 10 minutes will have to roll over to the other computer and commence working.

The dogs have a bit of a mess to work on in the kitchen when they come back in-I had a very extreme egg explosion this morning. It's good to have them here and back on the job.

I'm not sure if it's ok to admit on the Internet that I tend to explode food and I let my dogs clean the floor, but I do tend to and I do let, so there you have it. Besides, I'm not eating off the floor, they are. If guests come by and want to eat off the floor, I will warn them that the dogs eat there too.

I'm going to think out my dog classes that are half baked in my mind-maybe visits to elementry schools-get the kids before they are too young to be cool. I just about go nuts when I see "I really want a tiny chihuahua but I don't have money to buy one or a car to come pick it up" on Craigslist. Yes, I actually saw one of those. My other favorite was "chihuahua, hasn't been neutered or had any shots yet. Would like a rehoming fee of 150 to help recover the money I have put into the dog". Well, what did you do, FEED the dog 20 dollar bills?

Elvis is firmly in shed right now-he is camped out in his wide mouth moist soak jar. He pokes his head out every so often to make sure someone notices how miserable he is. His photo is featured on wwww.serroscotty.blogspot.com......

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