Sunday, February 25, 2007

Tomorrow is Monday!

Tomorrow is Monday and by hook or by crook my kiddos are coming home. I call Mom daily to hear the exploits of Dottie and Prissy. Such exploits usually run along the lines of "they played outside for awhile and are now lying in the sun chewing on a chewie". Prissy has earned kudos for not waking Mom up at 4:30-at least that much of my training has stuck.

But I miss Cody and Greta terribly. I even felt guilty about it, lying in bed cuddled up with the cat (who knows I adore her) but missing my pack. I'm glad they are together, so they have that bond, but without Dottie or myself they lack a leader. I send them loving thoughts, and yes, I believe they receive them, but they need to be home so that we can all be together again.

Mom and Dad are coming down this coming weekend-this will be the first time that the entire pack, plus Dollie, PLUS my parents, plus me and my broken leg will all be together. What a romp that is going to be. Greta doesn't like men, so maybe having Daddy around will change her mind about them, and Cody won't listen to anyone but me.

I predict chaos will ensue and I can't wait. I may be inspired to charge up the video camera for that one.

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