Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Ice Ice Baby

Greta did well at her surgery, but the city is locked down with ice and I may not be able to pick her up. The receptionist wanted me to say that I'd leave her, but I want till noon to decide.

On the home front, the gang was horrified to see both things falling from the sky and accumulation on the ground. No one complained about going back into the crates when I had to leave for work-not even Prissy. Funny how a little frozen precip can alter a dog's attitude.


Rachael said...

More ice? Glad I'm in Mexico.

Gentle hugs to Greta

JJ said...

Ha ha ha, Aspen LOVES snow, but Derby was like WTF is this stuff on the ground ma????? Hope the surgery went well!a

Head Squawker Michele said...

I drove North on the Tollway today to get to work ... all is well with the roads, except for a few icy patches so you should have no trouble picking up Greta today ... assuming it doesn't starting sleeting/snowing again : )