Monday, January 15, 2007

Return of the Prodigal Poi

Even in the middle of the worst ice storm EVER (according to the newscasters) I couldn't sit still. I kept going outside, calling for Cody, walking around, banging up my bad leg. Finally I went to bed.

I thought about our group nap the day before. Cody likes to drape himself over someone, and when I woke up, someone was me. His little heart was pressed right up against mine-soooo sweet.

As I drifted off to sleep I kept hearing a dog barking happily, but I'd run to the door and all would be quiet, only the sound of the frozen rain. My other dogs snoozed away, oblivious to the Cody-song. Perhaps, I thought, he is communicating from beyond, telling me he's OK.

I tried to take comfort in that, but dang it, the barking was just so finally I got dressed about 12:30 (a.m.) and walked around for a long time in the freezing rain. Not wanting to wake the neighbors, I just walked and listened. When I got home, I heard a familiar scratch on the backdoor, and in bounds Cody.

But this Cody was not miserable and wet and freezing and forlorn, he was warm, and dry, and unusually repentant....And then the truth dawned on me-He had been under the sunporch all along, happily chasing mice and ignoring my calls. Just why he chose to stay and chase mice instead of coming inside and eating pot roast with the girls will forever remain a mystery. Maybe dogs get cabin fever too.


Head Squawker Michele said...

Just like having children I suspect. We worry ourselves sick when we don't know where they are and then they come home dry, safe and happy : )

Rachael said...

WHEW! SO glad he was safe and sound!