Thursday, January 18, 2007

Dash away dash away dash away all

I am going to make a mad dash at lunch to get Greta and then get her home-I don't want to leave her in the truck for 1/2 a day and they are moving furniture here at the office so that would probably freak her out. Anyway, she needs to be introduced to the office when people aren't tense from year end, etc.

Also, we are not a public company anymore, Apollo owns us, and I don't know how they feel about small animals at the office. Dottie just naps in my inbox, but I fear the younger kids would probably be a little more rowdy. Dottie also adores men (the hussy) but Greta and Cody show signs of not liking them as much (got to work on that). Prissy likes anything with a lap.

I once told my boss I would never need another raise if I could bring a dog to work with me and wear jeans every day. Of course, that would never do..why EVERYONE would want to bring their dogs and wear goodness, we can't have THAT. The horror. On Casual Friday, everyone is far more relaxed and congenial and that would NEVER do.

Still, I have a plan (don't I always)? I've been working the therapy dog angle with Dottie for some time-taking her to the Senior Center, etc. I am going to create the worlds first Therapy Dog program for Corporate offices. BTW, I know there are highly trained therapy dogs out there, but ANY non-jumpy, non-bitey friendly dog is welcome at most senior centers. When I looked at joining local organizations they were a bit off putting. I know they are committed, dedicated, etc, but really people, a grass roots visit from the local dog does those little old people a world of good. I say drop the egos and get more dogs on the visiting circuit.

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Head Squawker Michele said...

What a wonderful work-day break it would be to have a few dogs around the office. I received an offer from a small company that allows you to wear whatever you want every day and also bring your dog to work anytime you want. I turned the offer down because it wasn't what I wanted to do but in hindsight, I'm now wondering if jeans and a dog might make up for the not so perfect job responsibilities