Sunday, January 20, 2008

A True Poi

Oliver earned his stripes-although it was fairly easy for him to do. He just had to sleep in the bed with no heat on last night. Yes, we have had another tree disaster, and the power was out for the entire block (and is still out for me). Thank goodness the others are still at the kennel (they don't like tree work at all, not one little bit).

So, in the week he's been with me Oliver has had a major health tune up, a trip to Texas, a cold night of power outage; tonight we'll bunk at Mom and Dad's-his first field trip. Right now he's sleeping off a bit of smoked turkey-his first table scraps. Ahhhhhhhhh.

The best way to bring a dog into your life is just bring the dog along-MY DOGs would actually be fine with a field trip to Mom's, but Mom gets a little rattled at the entire pack's appearance. Actually, my dogs are pretty fine where ever we happen to be-or at the kennel, where each has a favorite person. People should be so at ease with life's little twists and turns!

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