Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Divide and Conquer

I brought home the three black and white units today; Dottie, Prissy and Bitty. Bitty is not a problem, Prissy is pretty well socialized, Dottie can be a bugger. If I can get Dottie on board with the puppy, Cody and Greta will not be a problem.

Dottie was not a problem either-at least on the first meeting. I put them outside, very cold, and in a temporary fence so that Saul can continue to work on the tree carnage. Because they were uncomfortable, they didn't feel very dominant. Well, Bitty never feels very dominant. She just wanted in my jacket.

Dottie sniffed a bit, then she asked to come up in to the jacket.

Oliver and Prissy played until they both got cold. I will try one on one's tonight after dinner.

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