Thursday, January 24, 2008

Another Litter

Oliver's "Mom" is not my hairdressers neighbor-I just spoke with my hairdresser and HER problem neighbor has two tiny puppies, born a week ago, in the garage with their tiny mother. The father is one of the three males in the yard, two of which are sons of the mother.

I'm having a really bad day. Elvis, my beloved kingsnake died, and I would like nothing more than to hop that fence, take Momma and the babies, spay the Momma and then return her after she's weaned her puppies. I'm sad sad sad and very frustrated at the same time.

Tis the season-it will be raining puppies and kittens, a whole new generation of dogs to be exploited and die early deaths or be put down due to lack of socialization and training.

But, I'm going to stay home and in my house today, and think about it long and hard. Think about what I can do or say to help these people realize what they are doing. I go get my hair done tomorrow, and maybe wisdom will bless me by then.

If I see tiny puppies out in the cold, I cannot be held responsible for what I do.

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