Wednesday, January 23, 2008

So Far, So Good

Oliver likes Prissy a lot, and listens to her. I left him crated with the others last night and got tickled because Oliver would howl and Prissy would growl...telling him to shut up...and he did. Two years ago, it was baby Prissy howling and a newly purchased Cody doing the growling.

Oliver cried "foul" when gave him kibble and the old dogs their senior food, so I gave him a little nibble. The kibble is slowing down the frequency of stools, which is good for housetraining. He's really showing a knack for it (going outside).

The two old girls are back in the bathroom-it's really cold and they don't do well at all. I'm hoping it will warm up enough for them to have a sunbath today. As I thought she might, Bitty is confused by the loss of "her" pear tree. When we get all the wood sorted out of the backyard I am going to have to put up some structures for her to sit next too-maybe a bird bath.

Today the other two come marchin home.....yee ha!

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