Sunday, September 16, 2007

Letting Go

Oh my gosh-it's hard to do the right thing. I put Bitty out with the pack today for the first time alone-she trotted right out and part of me was happy and part of me wanted her to NEED me. I'm sitting here now typing and the cat is curled around my shoulder like a lovely tortoise shell muffler-yes dahling, I do wear fur.

Our relationships with our animals mirror those with people (well, we ARE human) only maybe more intensely. It is so tempting to keep Bitty for myself, just a little extra attention, a little favor, and she would me MINE, loyal and devoted and loving only me. AND (all caps for emphasis) she's old, so what would it matter? Really, woud it hurt anything?

But, it isn't the best thing for her. She's already bonded with one person, who had the ill fortune to die, leaving her alone an unbonded. I truly hope I outlive this old dog, but what if I didn't? And, she can love me and my parents and the crew, and that has got to be a more secure feeling than having all your heart in one place.

She's crying at the door and has been out for a good hour, so I'm going to let her in, along with the rest of the pack.

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