Saturday, September 15, 2007

Too Good to be True

Ms. Bitty is a quiet, well behaved little old dog. She wants a lap, but doesn't whine or scratch for one. She rides in the car very nicely. My crew is a little overwhelming for her, and the hardest part is not to pick her up or cuddle her excessively. But I know, the sooner she bonds with and becomes a pack member, the more secure she'll be.

Before the crew arrived I took her down to meet my parents-my Mom was rattling around in the kitchen when I got there and it must have been really familiar to the old girl cause she ran in immediately, tail wagging. Of course, the person she was looking for wasn't really there, but Mom gave her a nice treat and then Daddy came in and provided a much longed for Senior lap.

I went and brought home the pack. Vet Bill was huge-Greta had her teeth cleaned and Prissy developed an anal gland abcess and had to have a flush and some antibiotics. The vet is as good as his word-I've told him not to wait to hear from me but to give the dogs anything they need short of a liver transplant. And, if they happen to have a liver and there is a good chance of a good recovery, that's OK too.

I don't feel the least bit worried that anyone there would take advantage of that-but they don't hesitate to treat the dog.

So, Prissy came home with antibiotics and orders to heat pack her bottom twice a day, Dottie came home with her three drugs, Greta came home with clean and shiny teeth and Cody just came home. I let the Spotties go see my folks while the bigguns played in the backyard. I then put the Spots in the backyard and went to get Ms. Bitty.

And the intro was completely uneventful. Prissy wanted to throw her weight around, but backed off immediately when I pointed. We all played then I put them away for a group (in individual kennels) nap. Tonight I put the two old gals in an ex pen and let the youngsters caper around a bit. It was good for Dottie to have someone a little less active.

No drama makes for very slow reading-but it's just the kind of introduction you want. I am looking forward to seeing how Bitty bonds with the pack-she's been an only dog, and probably a sheltered one at that, but doesn't have any of the really bad vices only little dogs get. My prayer for her is to look outside soon and see her lying in the sun with the Spotties, one of the pack.


Forever Young said...

i do so enjoy your doggie stories. thanx for all your comments on my site..great fun to read them.

Debra Kay said...

I enjoy your story as well. My other blog is about my own midlife crisis, however your blog has made me realize that this might just in fact be the rest of my life.

I like the idea of goal setting though and I'm in a bit of a rut, so I may come up with some of my own.

Michele said...

I've been thinking about you and Bitty all weekend. I'm so glad things are going well.

Debra Kay said...

Mom and Daddy are quite taken with Bitty. She likes them too-Mom gives her bits of egg whites and Daddy has a belly. I am really glad that she came to live with us-it is where she needs to be!