Monday, September 17, 2007

Sick Kitty

Pasht got ill again so I took her to the vet. It was after 5 when I heard that she'd be ok, but there till in the morning. I was fine till I got home (still not knowing her fate) and I realized this is what it would be like to come home to no kitty.

So, the official word with the girls on my lap band forum is that I have a sick critter-and I DO. Prissy's bum needs to be soaked. But there is no way I can make myself look decent in the time I have left to go have coffee and I don't want to start bawling again. And I would.

Pasht is fine (for an old girl) she just has some allergies that are causing her a little grief. And she's slow because, well, she's old. Probably around Bitty's age. But she's never been sick before and it scared me to death. Ok, not to death, but it really scared me.

Except for the time she got out and was gone a few weeks, Pasht has never NOT been here. Here is a relative term-she's always home. Even when the dogs are not. I can't imagine a home without her.

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