Monday, September 17, 2007

Concessions for the Elderly and Infirm

I'm not a good task master. Bitty is just too old and frail to spend all morning out-so after a romp and a treat, when the crew is ready to go back out again I let her stay behind and sleep on the couch while I work. She is bonding with the gang, and she adores both my parents, so I don't think I'm in danger of setting her apart from the pack.

We did work on a behavior before her nap-she doesn't like to take food from the hand. Cody was like this too. I can understand her not wanting to join the boisterous hand feeding circle yet, but we practiced a whole yummy sticks worth on taking food from my hand and eating it in the same spot-not running off with it. In my household, once I call a dog's name and hand that dog the food, no other dog will take it. Granted, that's the perfect scenario, but we have few issues over food.

I believe hand feeding is a time for training and bonding and I do a little bit each day and whoever goes to see Mom and Dad get hand fed as well from Mom. If I go down before they finish breakfast, Mom will feed her eggwhites to the dogs. I think that's good for both Mom and the dogs.

With the cooler weather I've put Bitty and Dottie and Prissy on a bit of that high calorie paste. The KD has put a little weight on Dottie but Prissy and Bitty are a bit thin. Just a little bitty bit.

Dottie is still on three heart meds a day, Prissy on her antibiotics and butt compresses 2 X daily-she loves that part. This week it's been a little like a MASH unit for dogs and cats. Oh, Pasht is over her hairball problem-finally.

My prayer today is that all the cute fashion accesseroy chihuahuas and yorkies are well taken care of when they are no longer young and fit. Maybe some of them are special angels sent to teach spoiled young girls about caring and compassion.


DeepMoz said...

My wife and I are so glad that Bitty went to such a good home. I didn't really get to know the little thing (which is probably a good thing) and it's hard not to like her. I hope everything works out. Many thanks!!!

Debra Kay said...

Not to sound all corny, but I believe that Bitty truly belongs here. I feel like her former "Mamma" is watching over her. This house is connected to another woman who very much loved the house and has passed on. Maybe the two old spirits can hang out too. Bitty is curled up on the couch while I work, snoring softly.