Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Rescue Community

The rescue community seems to be a bit warlike these days. One of the big issues on craigslist right now is how much to charge for a rescue and here are my feeling about paying for a rescue:

If you want a dog that has already been vetted and had shots and possibly some socialization so you can crow about how "I rescued a dog" and you want that dog for free-then shame on YOU. It costs money to vet a dog, time to care for administer any meds and work with any behavioral problems. If you can't afford a vet you can't afford a dog. (direct quote from Geraldine Whitaker). If you have to choose between beds and toys and things the dog needs vs. the price of a dog-you can't afford that dog.

I think people who want to "rescue" a fully vetted, possibly trained dog for "free" because they are just good people and want to do the right thing are kidding themselves. When you adopt a dog from a rescue organization, that dog has already been rescued and taken care of-by participating in the cost of said rescue, you are participating IN the rescue.

Go out and find a "free dog" that is full of fleas, heartworm, not potty trained and see how much it costs to rescue that free dog. If you don't have the time and money-you can't afford a dog.

I don't rescue dogs, but occasionally one comes along that needs a little help. The reason I don't run a rescue is because I couldn't stand the people lined up wanting a handout dog so that they can make themselves feel better about how they "saved a dog" without doing any work or spendng any money.

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Rachael said...

AMEN! Preach it sister!