Sunday, April 1, 2007


I think a Chinook is "the golden retriever of sled dogs" because some idiot crossed a golden and a husky and came up with a Chinook.

I had lunch with my parents today and Mom became worried at my plan to go to a dog pound and pick out a dog that the rescues have passed by. Big dogs are a plentiful, and I will be able to find one that is mature enough to train to pull the cart (arrived yesterday) with out worrying about the hips-I can have them checked before I adopt.

"Big dogs are in the pound because they are vicious," according to my mother. Of course I DO have a long history of bringing home vicious dogs and I would have no problems unleashing the Hound of the Baskervilles amongst my own animals. OH COME ON.

Still, we had a nice visit and I brought home some good,healthy home cooked food which I consumed for dinner. I also went to the Tractor Supply store and got the latches for my four ex pens that I am going to use to construct a modular pen system in the backyard for the little dogs. Dottie, in particular, will eat tomatos, so I must protect my crops.

I comforted Mom by agreeing not to climb up to the top of the trailer until after I got my orthopedic boot off, and I won't be getting a vicious dog until after we get back from Californa mid May.

But I couldn't resist telling them I bought another snake, a dwarf tiger retic to be wed to Bette Davis in a few years. Snakes are really great pets for busy people or people who can't walk. It's time for people to examine their own lifestyles and get pets that are appropriate to those lifestyles.

I had an idea for a pet store where people (supervised) can come in and play with the animals, but the animals are not for sale. I wish I could figure out how to make that work on a commercial basis.


Rachael said...

All dog breeds were derived by mixing other dog breeds together. Nooks are great dogs. Healthier than the longer established sledding breeds.

Debra Kay said...

I apologized for my glib comment in a later post-they are probably healthier because they haven't been put in the conformation ring.