Thursday, April 5, 2007

Mad Scramble

Chaos this morning. The YARD MAN tried to get into the BACKYARD whilst the dogs were there. I was in the shower. No one got out and one got hurt but the dogs were quite incensed. Once I unraveled that, I had to find a place to put them because the cleaning ladies were coming into the house. I didn’t have time to take them to daycare and I didn’t want their barking to upset the python-so I moved the dogs into the spare bedroom. I got everyone sorted out and ran out the door...well, I wobbled out on my walker really fast. Well, maybe not fast, but more speedily than normal.

DISCLAIMER: yard man is a necessity because I can't walk right now-cleaning lady is a necessity because I am lazy. I have a new self propelled lawnmower I can't wait to use, but I don't care if I ever sweep again.

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Rachael said...

I like the way you think re: cleaning lady. ;)