Friday, March 30, 2007


Ah, another rainy night (last night, Thursday) spent listening to the thunder and cuddling with the doggies....I’m such a decadent creature. Of course Cody came in from the outside a little wet and proceeded to dry himself on my pillow, but he did it with such good natured exuberance I couldn’t complain.

Greta got down to the serious business of chewing on a new bone. She’s been a great teacher through this whole surgery process. She never wakes up and says “I don’t think I’ll do doggy things today because I have a bad hip”....she just gets up and goes at it, limp and all.

Dogs, as a rule, just don’t DWELL on things. They state their opinions and move on.

Bette Davis finally shed her skin. In fact, I got bit startled when I leaned down to open the crates and was face to face with her. She’s been a bit of a crank during the shedding process, but now she is out and about and ready to be admired once more. Let’s just say Bette is a shedder in the same way Elvis is-they are miserable, they want you to know it and leave them alone, all at once. I actually opened the viv and poked her to make sure she was still alive the other day-and I have done the same thing with Elvis. But, when you are a superstar, I supposed drama is to be expected.

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