Wednesday, April 4, 2007

Onward and onward HO!

I have set a date to bring the spotties home and I can’t wait-I’m so excited. I believe Greta and Cody miss them too-they are the more dominant personalities in the canine household and right now G and C look to me for direction. Which is fine in the house, but it’s hard for me to be vigilant and keep and eye out for scoundrels like squirrels in the yard. Dottie is the one who usually indicates that something needs chasin-although as she has aged quite often she just directs one of the younger kiddos to go do the deed. If Dottie were a human she’d most likely be someone like Jodie Foster-she’d STAR and DIRECT.

I’m going to comment on a comment-about all dogs being mixed to suit various purposes-I didn’t mean any disrespect to the Chinooks. I’m sure they are great dogs. And despite my glib remarks, I do really like a dog that looks like it could actually do the job it was bred to do.

Some breeders (even breeders of drafting breeds) are appalled that I would want a dog to do WORK. Some rescue organizations are the same way. Now that really slays me, because if the dog had been given a proper job and exercise to begin with, it might not have ended up in rescue. Because it isn’t feasible to think that I will drive a dog every day-I already have a treadmill waiting to burn off any energy that might accumulate-come on folks, I am doing my homework and working around my own disabilities.

I will probably end up driving around to some of the smaller shelters outside Dallas and trying to be logical and wise about my choice of dog. I was trying to avoid that because I really get upset. That damn Pedigree commercial where the dog is thinking “I KNOW I’m a good dog and I just want to go home” kills me every time I see it.

There is a German Shepherd rescue not too far from here who has over 200 dogs-how sad is that?

But, before I can ponder that, I have to get the spotties home, and then work on any behaviors that may have cropped up while they were away. Fortunately, they seem to revert back to good behavior pretty quickly. Cross your fingers.

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