Wednesday, March 7, 2007

When Old Cats Fly

I was sitting by my front window when I heard a disturbance on the roof and looked up just in time to see a chubby white blob fly off the roof into the flowerbed. The blob uncurled itself and then moved on to the porch, it was my neighbors elderly flame point siamese. The fat squirrel who lives in the tree in their front yard peered over the edge of my roof (we live in a duplex) and proceeded to chastise the poor old cat. My own cat, Pasht, observed from the safety of the windowsill. When the old siamese is out I usually keep Pasht in, because they just do not see eye to eye on anything.

In the spirit of education and fairness, I posted a short piece on the trainability and just general wonderfullness of the neutered male dog, complete with pictures of Cody on Craigslist. I wonder how long it will take to be flagged. But really, the boys need good homes too. Look at Cody. Look at Rusty (pictured some blogs back). They are fine specimens of doghood...and the fee is usually less to neuter a male than to spay a female.

Let's declare today "give the little guys a chance" day.

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