Friday, March 9, 2007

Attack of the Palmetto Bug

I don't care what you call them, they are nothing but damn flying cockroaches and one bigger than a 747 crawled up on my tie die throw while I was surfing yahoo answers.

I made it out of bed into the wheelchair in a nano second and yelled at the cat to get it. She looked at me and laid back down.

I grabbed the blanket and shook it and the hideous thing hit the floor and then took off flying...FLYING in my bedroom. FLYING in my air that I breath and how can I sleep or even get back in bed with that thing loose?

Next it went under the bed and the cat hopped down to watch it. Catch it? Too much trouble. It went airborne again and landed on my nightstand. So I took off my shoe and swatted at it, it dodged and I swatted again, then it took off again, bouncing off a dog cage. It skittered under the cage and I started bravely across the floor, throwing my shoe at it, I stunned it.

I retrieved my shoe, put it back on my foot (it's very dangerous to wheel around barefoot as I can attest to), shoved back the cage and smashed it.

Now dammit, I am trying to be a trooper with this whole surgery thing, but fighting off giant insects is just crossing the line.

The dogs are doing well with their crate training though, no one offered a peep while I rolled around cussing at the frightful creature with it's antenna and big buzzy wings and sticky brown legs.....ooooooooooh.

Now I have to dispose of the carcass, take a pee as long as I'm up, then take a valium and go to sleep. First I'm gonna get my camera and take a picture of it--you will seen the horror when I post it tomorrow.

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Rachael said...

LOLLOLLOL! The visuals! the Visuals! Thanks for the laugh, that was great! I would have had a coronary. I hate bugs!