Wednesday, March 7, 2007

Approx 2 hours

My public service announcement lasted almost 2 hours before someone flagged it and it was removed from craigslist. The inflamatory posting is listed below. I feel sorry for the person who felt they had to do that-and for the most likely female dog they are trying to "rehome for a fee".

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Date: 2007-03-07 08:10:48
PostID: 289906667
Title: (pets) Little Boy Dogs are Ok too-Please consider them
Males get a bad rep for marking, but if you neuter young, or have them wear a belly band until the hormones wear down after neutering an adult, you will have no problems.

Yes, an unneutered male WILL mark-but that is why you neuter! (and to prevent unwanted puppies). I keep a belly band for Cody to wear when we go to new places just to be sure, but he really hasn't tried to mark anywhere in a long time-and he was neutered at a little over one year old. As for affection and trainability-you couldn't ask for a smarter, sweeter dog-he's far less arugmentative than my females.

Please don't flag this-I just wanted to put some information out there where the people who are looking for dogs to adopt will see it.

Location: Everywhere
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Rachael said...

Not seeing how that is inflamitory at all????

JJ said...

I have decided I absolutely hate craigslist.