Tuesday, March 6, 2007


Today was beginning to look a lot like yesterday, so I have declared it Hawaiian music day and that is all we'll be hearing. Lots of paperwork and a meeting I don't even want to think about-I may need a Hawaiian music coupled with a valium for that. I have some valuim to keep my foot from twitching but the twitching stage is over-I always (well, I've had the surgery once before) end up with almost a full bottle of the stuff. Ah well, no point in dreading it and spoiling an otherwise decent morning with good music and plenty of work to do.

Greta and Cody are parked under the pine tree staring down a very persistant squirrel. I swear the squirrels are so well fed in my neighborhood you could almost saddle up one and ride away. I saw one miss a branch and fall and the darn thing bounced! It actually bounced right in front of Dottie who froze-up close and dangerous, the squirrel was bigger than she was and she was taking no chances.

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Rachael said...

HAHA! The squirrels in my old neighborhood were so big as not to present a challenge to Moxie at all. After she realized they weren't all that fun to chase, she left them alone.