Monday, January 1, 2007

Puppy Mills

I am picking up a "free dog" I found on Craigslist-an unspayed AKC female chihuahua. I don't want another dog but I don't want yet another Chihuahua to be bred and bred and bred again. I will spay the dog, work on any behavior problems and hopefully find a good home for her, otherwise she'll just stay with me and the rest of the gang.

Somehow, at some point, people cross a line and go from a hobby breeder to being a full blown puppy mill. I don't think the majority of these people set out with sinister purposes but they don't necessarily think through the consequences of their actions. Now, my point is not to defend these folks, but just to casually wonder if labeling them all as villians is the best way to get through to them? Could we not show them a better way? Is there some way to reward a breeder for following proper and humane practices?

Maybe there should be some sort of certification that the public is encouraged to look for when they shop-you know like "Look for, the Union Label".

Breeding dogs has become a business, and in order to change the practices, maybe it's time we approached it in a business like manner-with financial consequences. Simply attacking the puppy mills and publishing sad photos may not be the best way to resolve the issue.

I am not claiming to have the solution-just putting out food for thought. In the meantime, I'm going to do what one person can do-rescue one dog and make sure it doesn't create other dogs and hopefully find it a loving and forever home. I don't have PETA's budget, but I think my heart is in the right place. What do you think?

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Rachael said...

Whenever I find myself with the time and resources to save a dog or a cat from a bad life, I do it in earnest. I applaud you for doing the same.

I think you should have to have a licence to breed your dog, even to own intact dogs, and pay fines for having litters without the proper licence, or for having more than one litter a year.

The key is to take the profit out of puppy making.