Thursday, January 17, 2008

Better Safe than Sorry

Going to leave the dogs at the kennel for a couple more days-Oliver is doing much better, but I want to be sure there aren't any buggy surprises in his feces etc. Also, this will likely be his last chance to be an only dog for quite some time.

It's expensive, but not as costly as losing one of the old dogs or having a pack-wide bacterial infection. ***shudder***

Oliver follows pack rules-potty outside, eat in the crate, in bed, lap at MY wish, not his command. We'll, he's learning the rules anyway.

I think I will introduce him to Greta, Cody and Prissy outside, after they have worn themselves out a bit. Dottie and Bitty intros will take place inside-Bitty is too nervous outside to meet a new dog, and Dottie just doesn't like the cold.

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