Sunday, January 13, 2008


Oliver's arrival has been chronicled on the scotty blog. The world is full of throw away dogs and that makes me a little sad. Ok, that makes me a lot sad.

I'm not sure what Oliver's fate will be, heck I'm not sure what my fate will be. But I have to think that throwing in with us will give him a better chance for a better outcome. He looked a little young to be away from Mom, so I put him on goatmilk and high quality kibble mixture, and I think he grew an inch overnight.

Goatmilk is easier to digest than cows milk (I'm allergic to cow juice too) so it's a good choice for a new dog with a questionable nutritional background.

Bogey found a great new home (the one eyed chihuahua). Good things do happen to dogs sometimes-and it's important that we keep trying to do what we can.

I'm guessing Oliver is half Chi, quarter schnauzer, quarter dachshund based on observations of both parents and a general knowledge of who's who in the neighborhood. Of the remaining four brothers, I doubt any of them will make it to two years old. If you are so inclined, a prayer for them would be appreciated by all of us.

I'm going to speak with my vet and see if I can get a break on the cost to spay/neuter Oliver's parent's and aunt, and if I can, I will pay for it if the lady (owner) will let me. I don't think she's a bad lady at all, she seemed very nice, just overwhelmed with kids/dogs and life.

Lately I've come to believe you can do more by just helping than by preaching.

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