Thursday, January 17, 2008

Deep thoughts

This link details the arrival of Greta on January 6, 2007. Oliver arrived almost a year to the day later. What is it with me and January-can't say no to a dog in need?

It was really funny to read about all my hopes and plans for Greta and how she would go on to a forever home. That turned out to be my home-I really didn't intend to keep her with me. But she bonded hard, she had a lot of fear issues to overcome and now that she's all better, well, I bonded hard too.

Greta has a good life, well fed, well cared for and she's happy. So, did I do such a bad thing by keeping her, spaying her, fixing her hip? There are probably at least 4 mutt puppies out there that didn't get born last year because I took Greta.

Oliver has the potential to wreck more puppy havoc, but the truth is, without medical care he probably wouldn't have lived long enough to reproduce. And yet, watching him snooze on my stomach next to the computer, I cannot believe it was a wrong thing to bring him home.

I CAN afford his medical bills. I can afford proper food and I can afford the time to make sure he is cared for, socialized, etc. So, when does it become hoarding? When is it too many? And who gets to say?

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