Thursday, May 15, 2008

Spay Day....Yay!

Yesterday (Wednesday) was spay day for Lily. She was not pleased with the morning's activities being interupted, and the solo trip to the vet. Solo walks, solo trips to Starbucks are welcome events-solo trips to the vet never bode well for a happy outcome.

Lily also has another challenge that makes it trickier for her-she's deaf as deaf can be. So, for her, living in a pack is a very comforting thing-she can take cues from the other dogs. The vet and the entire staff know each member of my pack very well, so she will get extra solo care while she's there.

There has a been a huge bruhaha in the chihuahua community about merles, breeding for merle, whether or not there were outcrosses and so on and so forth. Because of the research on Aussies, I think it's pretty apparent there is an association with the merle gene and some physical issues-eyes and ears mostly. However, I am not a scientist, and that's just my opinion and I really don't even want to debate it.

Now, Lily is not a tragedy by any means. She's a lovely dog, her life is good, she's well cared for. Tragedy comes when people end up with a handicapped dog and breed it anyway.

If you recall, Lily had a traumatic birth as well, so her deafness may not be genetic at all. But when in doubt, don't breed. If you can't make sure that all pups are rehomed responsibly with homes that will spay/neuter-don't breed.

If you are breeding because you need to show a profit-don't breed. It is not a profitable business if done correctly and with the dog's best interest. If you need to make a profit-go buy designer purses at the goodwill and sell them on e-bay-it's easier, the money is better, and no one gets hurt.

If, however, you are looking for a companion animal, please consider shelters and rescues. KNOW what you want from a dog and what you are willing and able to give the dog in return, and match yourself to the appropriate dog. A warm fuzzy idea that you'd like a dog is not enough reason to go and obtain a dog-dogs need planning, space, time management and money.

Ok, today's post was a lot of blah blah blah, but I feel like if I post pics of cuties I also want to post the other side of the cuteness so that people are informed.

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