Friday, May 16, 2008

Let them Romp and Eat Cake?

I really had intended to do some dog walking yesterday, but when I went out back the gang was having a rousing and joyous romp. They would have been delighted if I had wanted to join them, equally delighted to go on a walk, but I chose instead just to watch them roll and bark and cavort.

It was kind of coolish outside, but sunny and no wind, perfect romping weather. Each dog had lunched on a sparerib in his or her kennel, enjoying the entire (tiny thing really, not great at all) thing without worry from a maurader. This was after a morning of light kibble.

This afternoon I gave them pickings from a cornish hen and some baked carrots-so no doubt they will be a bit dismayed at the bedtime ration of....a little kibble.

I'm not maniacal about everything my dogs eat, but if they get treats, it's generally food quality something or another, and they get a reduction in standard issue rations to compensate. Since I've learned to pen Cody up for Al Fresco dining, he has a waistline again and the rest get their fair share.

Everyone has their own philosophy, mine is that it is possible to feed a varied diet and still maintain a healthy dog. They have really cool programs to calculate that, but I just look at waists, coats and eyes. And while they all eat pretty much the same thing, I take in age, activity level and current weight to gauge relative portion size.

It's really not as complicated as it sounds....

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