Saturday, May 17, 2008

Oh Why Not

I feed certain treats in crates or solo situations only, so that each dog can enjoy it without competition. But, then there is Prissy.

Prissy, like Dottie before her, is a saver. She eats a bit now, buries some for later. In the spring, later is best when it's outside and in a sunny spot, in winter, a sunny floor will have to do.

Prissy has amassed quite a collection of stubs and has started bringing them out each morning. At first I put them back, citing "it's not fair, I'm not giving the others a treat"...but you know what, it's not fair to Priss either. If she chooses to wait to enjoy her bone in the grass, why the heck shouldn't she?

I don't lock Cody up-it isn't fair to him becaue he won't be getting a treat. But you know what, sometimes Prissy gets her entire bone, sometimes she has to share. If the other ignore her to soon, she'll walk in front of them with her bone waving.

Sometimes it's best just to let dogs be dogs.

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