Thursday, November 15, 2007


Dottie has another rough night-therefore I had a rough night. Bitty stayed with us in the bedroom, and it was thus revealed that PRISSY is the 3 am wake up bandit. Bitty curled up and never moved till I picked her up. Poor old girl was wrongly accused of late night pottery.

When I wasn't holding Dottie or ignoring Prissy's howls, I was listening to the husky behind us howl. I have no idea why she was left outside, but she was clearly unhappy about it. I tried just to enjoy the otherworldly sounds because I couldn't get up and go get her. (If there had been an easy way to do it though, I would have just brought her in with us).

Cody and Greta were on edge too, barking and growling. Clearly some tragedy was stalking the neighborhood that only the dogs were privvy to. I'm not making light of that-I really do listen when they have something to say.

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