Monday, November 12, 2007

A Disturbing Trend

The 3 am pee run is becoming a nightly event. I'm sure it will stop when the cold front moves in-somehow it's easier to hold one's bladder when the temp is 40 or below.

It's hard to be more than annoyed-they all file out, finish by the time I go relieve MYSELF, and then file back into their own appointed crates, settle in and go back to sleep.

I've been letting them out immediately before I retire around 11. The dead on 3:15 thing makes me think there is something else going on, perhaps a neighbor leaving work, that wakes them up at 3. The mystery deepens though, because they rush out to wee, not to bark at anyone.

Wouldn't it be nice if dogs could talk?


Forever Young said...

yes i wish mine could talk, and cook and come to school with me and read with me and shop with me and ....ho hum then she wouldn't be my dog, so better let 'sleeping dogs lie'.

Debra Kay said...

Now that the weather is nice I take a dog with me quite often-at least the ones who like to ride in the car. Errands with an amiable dog-pure bliss.