Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Close call

Dottie has a seizure last night and there was really nothing I could do but hold her. When it past, she slept, and today is fine. There is really nothing more medically that can be done for her so it's just a matter of loving her and making her comfie.

I feel bad, because I was unable, as I have done with dogs past, to say "go on my love, it's OK." I held her, remained as calm as I could so as not to distress her, but I told her that I just couldn't let go right now. And she stayed. I'm glad.


Forever Young said...

it's so terribly hard to say goodbye to anyone we love. poor little thing. holding thumbs for her health.

Debra Kay said...

She's hanging in there, but not 100 percent herself. The cold weather gets her down.