Monday, November 19, 2007


Ok, I'm thinking about removing the lovely old sycamore. Limbs are falling, big ones, and I have small dogs and my neighbors have windows. I love that old tree, but there are liability and grown up issues to consider. AND, since the electric company hacked it, it is shedding more limbs-they may have done the poor thing in.

More sun, maybe a garden. It's something to think about.

Even more blasphemous, I am thinking of taking out the pear tree. That really provided a health hazard last year after I got tired of picking pears. They fermented and drew flies. I'm sure there were squirrels and mice involved too.


Ellie said...

that's definitely something to think about. Thanks for your comment. I've only been to snow once(but that was on a glacier, not real fluffy snow).

Forever Young said...

ooops definitely a hazard