Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Ooops, I've done it again

Ok, I'm going to Houston on Thursday and I'll be coming home with a new little friend. Again. Bitty is 11 years old, 3 pounds or so, former wife's dog-it happens. Lives change. But, I have a little old lady two houses down and I am pretty good at handling little old chihuahuas.

It doesn't help that while we were in Texas the big news story was about a lady who had 41 little chihuahuas seized from her home. My parents are convinced I am becoming a hoarder-but I fulfill my own requirements-I can afford adequate care for this new dog, actually better than adequate. She'll have two other tiny chi's to associate with, a backyard, and a little old lady and a little old man to visit. At 11 years old, we are not talking long term committment either.

Somebody has to love the little old ones too.

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