Sunday, August 5, 2007

Riding Shotgun

Greta had a big time riding shotgun to Lewisville, and I enjoyed the company. She was very well behaved in the truck-a real pickup truck with only one seat. She slept or sat in the passenger seat and was a decent little dog-except for the farts. She was also very well behaved at lunch time, waiting patiently for her share.

I was watching Breed all About it-and the featured dog was the collie. I immediately began searching for collies. Of course, I recognized the symptoms of a complete impulse and did not follow through. I really do understand how collectors get started-either out of the urge do "good" or just the desire for a dog who will make us something we are not. That's a lot of baggage to place on a "dumb" animal, or any animal.

I think a lot of people buy dogs with the energy level they "wish" they had, rather than what they truly have. If you are overweight, with bad legs and a pack a day smoking habit, a Labrador retriever is probably not going to inspire you to run 3 miles a day, but a nice Peke could get you started walking around the block.

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Michele said...

Remember my Shelties? Those little guys drove me crazy because they required 100% attention and had about 1000 times more energy than I do.