Thursday, August 9, 2007

Rescue Profile 3

This is Nacho, a sweet little 7-8 month old Chi/Brussels Griffon mix (owner surrender). He weighs about 5 lbs at the most and is very friendly. He is very small and built like a chi but has long wiry hair like a brussels. He would probably do best in an adult home as he has not been around children and we don't know how he would react. He is fine around other dogs but we don't know about cats. He is crate trained but we are not sure about house trained; however his previous owner kept him in an apartment so he might be. He is not a "yappy" dog and is well behaved. He is being neutered today and will be ready on Saturday. He is vaccinated (including rabies), heartworm tested and on preventive, wormed, and treated for fleas/ticks. His adoption fee is $175

Contact Information:
Elene Olah, Owner & Operator
Oklahoma City Animal Rescue
Oklahoma City, OK (Near Tinker AFB)


Rachael said...

Hes a cutie. What an interesting cross. Must have been intentional....I can't imagine a free roaming brussels.

Hope he finds a forever home soon

Debra Kay said...

I suspect he's one of those fancy schmancy hybrids. I am pretty sure Greta is really a Chug-the densley packed coat and the underbite, with the black face just screams pug. If you close your eyes when you hold her, she feels just like a pug.

Now some hybrids, like labradoodles were an attempt to get a non shedding, big dog-actually putting the poodle with anything is an attempt to get a non shedding dog....but then people went nuts and started breeding anything to anything.

All in the name of the dollar.