Saturday, July 14, 2007

Leadership training and backyard reclamation

I think Cody's problem may be he is not secure with me as pack leader. (Ok, I KNOW it's been Dog Whisperer week)but really. He is displaying territorial behavior (they all do) in the backyard.

When I moved (last October) my foot was in bad shape and didn't spend time in the backyard like I used to. That, coupled with the kicking screaming man behind us, has made them fence barkers. So now I must reclaim my backyard. There just never ceases to be new worlds to conquer.

It was Cody's turn last night to sleep in the bed-part of my "my will be done training". Prissy is having a lot of trouble with "wait your turn" and it is confusing for her with my folks right down the street. Poor little goofball. It's tough to be just another member of the pack and not the queen of the universe.


Rachael said...

I've always kind of been glad I don't have back yard so I don't have backyard issues. So many dogs have the big head about "their" back yard. Good for you for doing something about it.

Debra Kay said...

I'm just now realizing what an issue it is.