Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Yay-I'm back

Had a problem accessing the blog.

Dottie paid a visit to Uncle John and Prissy went and had lunch with Mom and Dad. It's important to maintain a proper social life.

CODY nipped at a little girls leg-we are going to have to move into serious obedience training to give him confidence. I'm also working on "balancing" the pack and that means putting a sign on the door that says No touch, no eye contact to remind Mom and Dad not to come in with great excitement. I recorded an episode of the dog Whisperer where two dogs in a nursing home (maltese) were being nippy and aggressive-I'm going to ask Mom and Dad to watch it. Maybe if it comes from Cesar they will listen.

Prissy is the only one confused by the move. She spent a year with Mom and Dad, two months with me, back to Mom and Dad's while I had surgery, back with me, back to Mom and Dad's and now back with me....but only one house down. My other dogs are used to travels and changes and it doesn't seem to phase them. Home is where the crate is.

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