Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Will the rains stop so I can bring home my dogs?

Getting a little frustrated here-we have therapy balls to utilize and Cody has a new red collar....Hopefully those are just clouds and I can go pick up the kids.

Getting ready is really a chore in the morning without a couple of dogs underfoot. How can people say "I don't have time" for an animal who only wants to BE with you?

Now granted, the chi's have little exercise requirements, but I have little exercise ability. I haven't heard anything from Nellie's new Mom regarding agility in some time, and that kind of haunts me. They have land, and other Aussies, so I am sure she's well taken care of, but she really loved learning and she loved agility and I wanted that to continue for her.

I am actually going to train a friend's lab (a BIG, POWERFUL girl from East Coast hunting stock) on the dog cart just to get a feel for working with the cart and what it will take to train. Sue doesn't think it can be done with Mia, but Mia and I have a heart connection and I know she can do it. That will give me a better understanding of what is required of ME (and my leg) before I go commit to another dog. Sue also has two small children I can stick in the cart for practice-I'm really going to miss them when they move to Florida....

Of course, I have to be able to walk before I can do any of this...grrrrr

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