Monday, April 16, 2007


Ok, I spoke with the vet and told them I’d be glad to do hydrotherapy with Greta, as well as set up an A frame and work on her range of motion, but I am just taxed out as far as driving 20 miles 3 x a week to pay someone to do it for me. So now I’ve got to design a doggie therapy center. My two bedroom house is a bit crowded with snakes right now...too. A new rack is coming, but right now the individual serpents are spread out across three rooms and the Butt Sisters are bunking together right now.

Alice Cooper is going to his new home later this week-he was in shed and I didn’t want him to leave until he was feeling better. There is still going to be some shuffling to do, because what was designated as the Gerbil House currently has a dwarf tiger retic in it-Tarzan would welcome the Gerbils but they might not be so pleased to see HIM.

I did figure out I could order fresh food from for less than I am paying to have my lunch delivered each day-so with all the time/money I will save not going to the grocery store, I can work on Greta’s leg.

Cody has to lose about a half pound. Treadmill time for him and feeding in kennels is now the order of the day. No more free range grazing in the cat box either. Boot camp time!

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