Monday, April 16, 2007

Where is the line?

Got a call while I was on Spottie visit that Greta isn't using her hind leg at all-well, I knew that-she stands on it. Anyway, they want to talk to me about therapy. I'm feeling a little overwhelmed by it all-I'm late for work today waiting on a check for Uncle John's condo, it takes me 10x longer to do anything because of my leg and now I've got to find time to drive Greta across town for therapy? Geeze, I don't even have time to do therapy on myself...Damn I hate Mondays.

Oh well, just tackle one thing at a time and I will get done what is necessary to keep the universe spinnng properly on its axis.

I got a huge dose of peace on my road trip-baby foals and calves running all over the place, and of course naps with my Spotties. Leaving them was a bit hard, but just having them in my arms gave me a nice infusion of peace and well being. As did Ms. Dollie-she's a little down in her back, but she's still running the household. She's a blonde longcoat-if she were a human she'd run the house in a dress and pearls like June Cleaver.

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