Wednesday, February 21, 2007

I heard it on the wind

Ok, I'm home, I'm awake, my door is open and it's the middle of the morning. It's amazing just how many frantic dogs there are in my neighborhood. I can follow the progress of the mailman just by listening to them bark.

Now I can see them barking at a stray dog, but for pity sakes, the mailman comes 6 days a week-you think they'd get used to it. However, the mailman also GOES 6 days a week, so maybe in their little doggie heads they believe they have driven off the intruder yet again. In fact, they are probably thinking "for pity sakes, I drive him off 6 days a week, you think he'd learn not to come here".

I really do believe crate training helps keeps dogs secure and balanced. My spotties are fighing constantly at my Mom's and I think it is partially because they don't have a crate to retreat to. Of course, part of the problem is that Prissy just turned a year old and thinks she's a big grown up dog. And the final piece is that no one at Mom's is a pack leader-they remove the dogs from each other but never teach them to be together. Once they get back here it will take one spat and they'll get the message.

The web cam is down at cityvet, so I can't catch a glimpse of my "big dogs". Hopefully they will be home soon.

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